Hello Family and Friends!


Thank you so much for joining us and being a part of all the joy, love and festivities! Many of you have generously asked if there’s anything we’d like as we brave new worlds together, and the truth is, we’ve got most everything we need when it comes to traditional household things. So we've created this registry-it's designed to let you make purchases to contribute toward our very first adventure together: a romantic, all-inclusive 9-day honeymoon in beautiful Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico.


Of course, the best gift is having you along to share our love and excitement. We are so excited to celebrate with you and are so grateful to have you in our lives!


For those of you who want to use this service, simply click the "Registry" button on the left to begin. Thanks so much for giving us the gift of memories that will last a lifetime...we can't think of anything better than spending our time together!  

 We’re so happy to have you share this moment and look forward to seeing you at the Jack and Jill shower on October 9th, and again at our wedding November 5th!.


With love and gratitude,

Barker and Laurie


P.S. Feel free to bring your favorite BBQ side dish to the shower.






Looking forward to our future together!
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